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  • Publisher Abbreviation Name : ISRDO Publication
  • Publishing body : International Scientific Research and Development Organization
  • Abbreviation Name : SRJBMA
  • Subject : Business, Management & Accounting
  • ISSN[O] : 2584-0592
  • ISSN[P] : Applied
  • Peer Review : Single Blind Peer Review
  • DOI : Applied
  • Starting Year : 2023
  • Publishing Frequency : Two issues per year
  • Language : English
  • Publication Format : Online

Who We Are

We need 21st century updates for scholarly communication to solve our biggest challenges. Our mission is to publish the world's knowledge efficiently. We do this through Internet-scale innovation and open access licensing to save our time, our money, and maximize the recognition of our contributions. Our objective is to reduce the cost of publishing for the academic community, while improving the overall publishing experience, and providing authors with a suitable publishing venue for the 21st century.

  • Publication of high-impact research from top academics and institutions around the world
  • Publishing to ISRDO ensures the widest access and impact for your work
  • All the benefits of traditional peer review - detailed, thoughtful and constructive improvement in your work - updated for the 21st century
  • 7 to 10 days before the first decision (for all subjects). Publish quickly without compromising the quality of reviews.
  • ISRDO offers a multitude of tools and services to help you better publish your work






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ISRDO is indexed in all major Abstracting & Indexing databases.

AI Matrix

Using artificial intelligence, extract information from manuscript to maximize peer review process to make better decisions and publish highly qualified articles.

Highly Qualified Reviewer

Prestigious editorial board delivering high-quality peer review.

Fast Publishing and 24 hour Support

Publish quickly without compromising review quality.

Quality Peer Review Process

We focus on providing a constructive peer review process based on methodological soundness rather than subjective notions of influence or novelty.

Open Access

Open Access publishing take full advantage of readership of your work.