Creative Commons License

isrdo is follow the creative commons license

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools strike a balance within the traditional “all rights reserved” framework created by copyright law. Our tools offer everyone, from individual creators to large corporations and institutions, a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions on their creative work. The combination of our tools and our users is a vast and growing digital common space, a pool of content that can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed and developed, all within the limits of copyright.

Why Creative Commons License

Why would I want to share my work with others?

There are many reasons to license your work with a Creative Commons license:

  • Contributing to the culture of free works
  • Engaging fans of your work
  • Making your work easier to share
  • Convenience: under traditional copyright, if you want others to use your work, you must grant licenses to each person individually, whereas Creative Commons empowers you to grant permission to everyone automatically
  • Adaptability: your creation can grow, change, and become something better than you ever imagined
benefit of creative commons license

Benefits of Creative Commons License

CC offers worldwide recognition

Increasingly, content creators in the digital environment are recognizing the CC concept and iconography, easily identifying the specific uses it enables.

CC has international application

Creative Commons licenses are specifically designed to be comprehensive in their application and to be enforceable with the same effect in any jurisdiction.

CC licenses are easy to choose

Not everyone is a copyright advocate, which is why Creative Commons made it possible for content creators to quickly and easily mark how badly they wanted users to reuse their content, while retaining full ownership. copyright of their work.

CC licenses are easy to understand

When designing the Creative Commons system, special care was taken to make CC licenses easy to understand for both creators and users.

CC hardware is easy to find

This means that it is easy for those who wish to find content available for reuse to search for CC material and material that allows particular uses (e.g. for commercial purposes).

CC is legally sound

As with all "open" licenses, CC licenses have been meticulously drafted and reformulated, and are constantly subject to extensive discussion and review.

CC is ready for the remix

Because CC is an older permissions system, the licenses that authorize derivative works are remix-compatible and were, in fact, designed specifically for remixing.

CC assists in the internal management of rights

Under a CC license, you, as the content aggregator, are also free to use the content on the same terms as the users.