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We do not charge any Article submission fees and Article processing fees.Submission charges: 0Article Publishing charges: 0Publication Totally Free.

we are Cover 200+ Subjects in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary Science,  Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Biology, Life Science, Business, M... Read More

we are accepting all kind of article. visit for more information : https://isrdo.org/menuscript-type We are continually taking feedback from... Read More

Please visit the link below for indexing list.Open: https://isrdo.org/journalChoose any journal to find an indexing that meets your needs.Go-to A... Read More

The  ISRDO Collections Blog provides a platform for Collection editors, authors and the  ISRDO Team – to blog about the research and comment... Read More

Yes, if you submit a blog or research topic on a subject covered by an ISRDO Collection – which is pretty much anything scientific - we will defi... Read More

If you are interested in reviewing for ISRDO see Becoming a Reviewer. If you are interested in reviewing for any of the other ISRDO journals, please S... Read More

Please visit the links below for each journal’s Editorial Board list.https://isrdo.org/journalFollow this path:Click on JournalGo to Browse Click... Read More

Please see the journal contact for specific questions.

ISRDO offers a diverse range of open access journals in Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Biology, Life Sciences, B... Read More

All the journals of ISRDO undergo peer review. ISRDO adheres to the most stringent international standards for research ethics, publication ethics and... Read More

Please see the overview of steps to a successful submission. https://isrdo.org/more-information/for-author/submission-guidelines

No, there are no limits on manuscript length or numbers of figures in ISRDO journal articles.

Please visit the link below for Editorial Board list.Open: https://isrdo.org/journalChoose any journal to find an editorial board that meets your need... Read More

Please see the ISRDO contact us page for specific questions.

ISRDO journals include an online rating system that all readers, authors, and editors are encouraged to view and use; ratings appear directly on the a... Read More

The ISRDO (International Scientific Research and Development Organization) was established in 2019 as a nonprofit organization with the mission of acc... Read More

ISRDO is a non-profit organization founded to serve the interests of scientists and the general public. In contrast to more closed publication models,... Read More

ISRDO journals are widely renowned and important in many fields of Agriculture, Veterinary Science,  Arts, Humanities, Social Science,&... Read More

Today's Open Access journals range widely from Open Access to restricted access based on the core components of reader rights, reuse rights, copyright... Read More

The most compatible of the public copyright licenses, CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution), is defined by Creative Commons, a non-profit organization... Read More

ISRDO has published articles from more than 200 countries. Authors who wish to publish in highly respected, peer-reviewed journals that reach the wide... Read More

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