TY - M-10004 AU - Jani, Rudri AU - Patel, Nikit TI - Deep Learning Based Natural Language Processing E-Commerce Chatbot T2 - Scientific Research Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology PY - 2023 VL - 1 IS - 1 SN - 2584-0584 AB - Nowadays, chatbots are becoming popular because it feels like talking withhumans in natural language in live chat. This research aims to develop aneCommerce chatbot to help customers buy different pet products from onlinepet stores. The system uses deep learning and natural language processingconcepts like text classification, intent classification, multiclass classification,named entity recognition, etc. The system will guide the customer throughpurchasing the products by asking questions and replying. The system will alsoextract the entities from the user queries through NER and display the productsaccordingly to the user’s request. It will interestingly engage the user in buyingpet products by solving the user’s query and providing a quick response to theuser. This will also increase sales, raising the revenue of the company. KW - chatbot KW - deep learning KW - natural language processing KW - named en- tity recognition KW - eCommerce KW - text classification KW - multiclass classification KW - rule- based chatbot KW - ElasticSearch KW - MongoDB DO -