@Article{M-10009, AUTHOR = {Arshad, Zaman}, TITLE = {A Excellence Measurement Study was conducted Within the Oriental Cables Manufacturing}, JOURNAL = {Scientific Research Journal of Business, Management and Accounting}, VOLUME = {1}, YEAR = {2022}, NUMBER = {1}, ARTICLE-NUMBER = {M-10009}, URL = {https://isrdo.org/journal/SRJBMA/currentissue/a-excellence-measurement-study-was-conducted-within-the-oriental-cables-manufacturing}, ISSN = {Applied}, ABSTRACT = {A descriptive study was conducted because the research team was interested in learning how workers felt about the performance appraisal process at the organisation. The results showed that most respondents had a positive impression of the standards used to evaluate workers' productivity. Both of these data sets were used by the researcher. Both inferential and descriptive statistics were used to provide a thorough examination of the data. The findings suggest that improved morale might come from instituting more fair rules for evaluating employees' performance. The study's results and conclusions may be used everywhere an employee's performance is being assessed.}, DOI = {} }